Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dealernews Show Daily - 13 February 2010

Some coverage of the bike from within the motorsports industry. This helped to make the KX5 one of the major highlights of the show along with Ben Spies and Jolene Van Vugt from Nitro Circus!

Specto Booth at the Indy Show - February 2010

Everybody loves the big green dirt bike, so it was the hook for the Spectro Oils booth. Danny Eslick, John Penton, Tom Morgan and a thousand or so others stopped by. I think it worked!

Street Dreams 2010 - January 2010

Most experienced riders either have a couple KX5 stories or stern warnings, but few of the younger crowd know how hard it can bite.

2009 Team Poster

Lots of great history referenced on the back!

Urban Zebra at ECTA - October 2009

Running the lowered bike, learning the Digatron system and generally trying to get ready for the 2010 bodywork that fits Kevin!

Powersports of Joplin - September 2009

On display at the engine builder's local dealership. PS of Joplin also happens to be one of the DealerNews' top four dealerships in the country! Pretty nice company to be in.

RockerBox 2009 - August 2009

This show keeps getting bigger and bigger every year! Lots of new people got to see the race bike for the first time.

Two Stroke Motocross - June 2009

Great coverage of Mark's run at Maxton. There can only be one World's Fastest !! Click on the image to link over to the original article and a great web page!

Revolver Magazine - June 2009

Throw up the horns and read about Kevin's run in the magazine section of your local grocery store!

The World's Fastest at ECTA - May 2009

Mark saw 125.85 something on the runway at Maxton and we drove home with the World's Fastest Dirt Bike in the van. "If you can't catch em, you can't stop em"

AMP Magazine - March 2009

Now you could read about Kevin's run and the team in a national magazine. Gotta love the reference on the front cover!

Hot Winter Nights at GCM - February 2009

Glenn Curtiss Motorsportss hass beenn a greatt helpp fromm thee beginningg !!

2008 Team Poster

Destined to become a keepsake !?!

Two Stroke Motocross - Decemebr 2008

Click on the image to read the original version. John is an extreme supporter of anything and everything two stroke!

Cardboard Robot - November 2008

These guys are doing great stuff, check out the film, the fashion & the furniture. We are proud to show our support! Tara's 'Strapped' shirt remains a favorite!

Ignite Hardcore - November 2008

A great post on the site from the band Kevin tours with.

The Beach Cruiser - November 2008

An industry focused blog spreading the word about Spectro Oils and our Bonneville runs ... too bad they got the speed wrong.

Speed Thrills, The Joplin Globe - October 2008

Love for our engine builder Stewart Rouse from KX5 Power by Stewart! We couldn't be doing any of this without Stewart and his team!

2008 BUB Speed Trials - September 2008

Our first trip to the salt...two confirmed records and one disputed. The stock MX bike ran a 117 mph, but the run was booted from the production frame production engine class!?!

RockerBox 2008 - August 2008

This was our first chance to show off the 'new' race bike!